Practice What You Preach

There is nothing better than helping someone transform from “thinking” they can do it…to “knowing” that they can! It’s incredible! I was able to see this firsthand many times during my military career. This brings me to my guilty confession…I am at the same intersection of “thinking” and “knowing” that I have helped so many of my Airmen successfully navigate, and it’s much easier being the mentor than it is the mentee. I’m guilty of being distracted by ALL the ideas I have

You Matter!

The harsh reality is that we'll never fit in where we don't belong. I think most of us started out as a "crowd-pleaser." It is so much easier to follow along and tell people what they want to hear. So I thought... I felt immense pressure to please everyone when I joined the military. I was SO scared to speak up, to be pointed out, or to do anything that would disappoint any of my supervisors...I jumped through every hoop and wore all the right masks, but it seemed all my effo

Excuses Won't Help You Reach Your Goals

If you have goals and dreams in life, and you want to achieve them within a period of time, then you need to STOP making excuses. Building self-discipline is important so you can avoid making lame excuses. Self-discipline takes consistency and perseverance. Instead of making excuses, get up, clean up, suit up, show up, step up, shut up, and do the work! You also need to start taking 100% responsibility for your goals by changing your behavior and your lifestyle. Otherwise

Be In Charge of Your Own Life

Be in charge of your own life! It sounds simple, but is it, and what does it mean? There was a time in my life that I was driven by what I believed I was supposed to do, and how I was supposed to act. I believed what I was told by “authorities”, about what was good for me and what was not. As a young Airman, I had adjust to taking orders and following directions. Initially, this worked as I was navigating the waters of my career and in my life, but over time I learned that