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Brand Yourself and Live In Your Brand

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

When I started living authentically, I noticed a shift in my environment, in my thoughts and in my actions. Showing up being your true authentic self is freeing to the soul. There are times when I have second guessed myself on messaging and living in my #SLAY mantra. There were so many people who didn't get it, talked badly behind my back or thought I was a complete joke. I can remember a time where I stopped talking about the meaning of SLAY for a short period of time. Then I realized, I created my personalized brand out of a tragic situation and that I should NEVER allow others to brand me. One of my medical technicians committed suicide a few days before I left for my last military deployment. His favorite singer was Beyonce. And his favorite word was SLAY. In Beyonce's song called "Formation", she repeatedly sings I SLAY, WE SLAY. When I looked up the word SLAY, it means to kill it, dominate it and to nail it; to impress greatly and to be on point. So everyday I wake up and I intentionally choose to SLAY! When I was selected to serve as the Command Chief Master Sergeant at Ellsworth AFB, I really thought about my hashtag and wanted to add depth to the word so I attached principles to each letter that I have been doing throughout my entire career. S stands for stay ready to be ready, L stands for lead out loud, A stands for a sense of family and Y stands for you're built to last. I talk extensively about how my #SLAY gives me incredible inspiration to do extraordinary things. I am not afraid to march to my own beat of my own drum because being myself is ENOUGH! Brand Yourself and Live In Your Brand #SLAY!!!!

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