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Do You Have the Right Mindset, the Right Habits and the Right Routine to #SLAY your goals?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Many of us look to reasons outside of ourselves to rationalize why we struggle to achieve our goals. Internal and subconscious emotional blocks like fear, lack of confidence and not truly believing that we are worth the fees that we are charging, may slow us down and hold us back more than any external challenges. Consider this as your approach to SLAYin’ your goals. Start with understanding and cultivating a growth-focused, healthy mindset and control your narrative to influence your approach, experience and outcome. Are you afraid to fail because you view failure as an irreparable outcome or do you view failure as an opportunity for learning? Mindset and beliefs are the greatest indicators of success! We develop habits over time by creating a loop that we repeat over and over again. It’s that loop that cements habits in our minds. There’s a 3-step process that goes into every habit you form. cue (trigger), routine and then reward. A habit is formed when a cue signals a routine that provides the brain with a reward. When that feedback loop is create, your brain shuts off when it comes to making decisions about that loop. Understanding that loop is the key to success with any habit is replacing a “bad” habit with a “good” one. Is there a “bad” habit you need to change into a “good” one to get you to SLAYin’ your goals? If so, anything you want to change, YOU CAN! Identify the cue, experiment with rewards, isolate the cue (trigger) and have a plan. Setting up an organized daily routine is a little bit art and a little bit of science. The science is figuring out what you need to get done, while the art is figuring out when to do it. Make a list, structure your day, get specific, schedule in time for flexibility and then test drive your new routine. Creating a daily routine seems daunting at first, but you will soon reap the rewards when your productivity soars and find that you actually have pockets of free time throughout the day or week. Are you ready to #SLAY your goals? If so, do it with the RIGHT mindset, the RIGHT habits and the RIGHT routine! Keep on SLAYin’ until you can’t SLAY no more!

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