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Excuses Won't Help You Reach Your Goals

If you have goals and dreams in life, and you want to achieve them within a

period of time, then you need to STOP making excuses. Building self-discipline is important so you can avoid making lame excuses. Self-discipline takes consistency and perseverance. Instead of making excuses, get up, clean up, suit up, show up, step up, shut up, and do the work!

You also need to start taking 100% responsibility for your goals by changing your behavior and your lifestyle. Otherwise, you’ll never get anywhere near your intended destination.

So how do you avoid making excuses to reach your professional and personal goals?

It’s quite simple really, if you think about it. You need to examine why you are making excuses in the first place. Are you afraid of something? Of failure? Of success? Once you’ve identified the root cause, it will be easier for you to overcome your excuses and it will be easier for you to attain your goals in life.

Here are some of the most common excuses that people make:

Not Being Good Enough or Smart Enough

They say, what you think is what you become. If you keep on saying negative things about yourself, then you will not succeed in life. So if you believe that you lack natural intelligence, prove yourself wrong. Learn and challenge yourself to become smarter in life. Listen, I have been guilty of self-sabotage and filling my head with "head trash." I have learned that this pattern of thought has held me back at times and it undermined my goals and my values.

Take for example, you acknowledge that there’s something out there you genuinely want and believe is good for you, like keeping off those 20 pounds you just lost, but then you do things that directly conflict with that goal, such as late-night fast-food runs.

Self-sabotaging behaviors can be both conscious or unconscious depending on how aware you are of them:

  • Conscious self-sabotage is when you are aware of the fact that what you’re doing is undermining one of your goals or values. Example...Remembering that you need to pick weeds in the backyard but deciding to design T-shirts with your Cricut maker instead. Lol, did I say that out loud?

  • Unconscious self-sabotage is when you do something that undermines a goal or value but you don’t realize it until after the fact. Example...People with a strong fear of failure in their jobs often develop the unconscious habit of showing up late or doing sloppy work as a way to avoid promotions or increased responsibility which would lead to higher expectations and therefore a higher chance of failure.

Self-sabotaging behaviors are often deeply ingrained and hard to recognize. And once you do recognize them, noticing how you hold yourself back can be hard to come to terms with. But keep in mind that by recognizing behaviors like fear of failure, chronic procrastination, not feeling satisfied, feeling like you lost control, and putting yourself down, you’ve taken the first step toward changing them. And you don’t have to do it alone. Friends, colleagues, loved ones, and trained therapists can all offer support. You can also create a vision board that helps promote goal setting and makes it easier to prioritize your values, journal to pinpoint stressors and triggers, and work on changing your self-talk by practicing, perhaps using positive phrases or mantras, and focusing on your own personal self-care throughout the day.

Believing It’s Not the Perfect Timing

People who always say “it’s not the right time” or "I'll wait until after the New Year" will definitely not reach whatever they want in life. Your dreams are not elusive, they are reachable. Life situations don’t keep you from realizing your dreams. Your attitude does. Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude. So how you perceive the circumstances in your life is a “make or break” for your success.

Being Too Busy

Every person has their own priorities in life. If you say you’re too busy to do something, then it’s probably not your priority. Time management is important in achieving your goals. Whether you are a full-time worker or a stay-at-home parent, it should not stop you from reaching your goals. There are endless excuses you can make to delay your dreams. Excuses won’t help you succeed. So if you are really passionate and determined, you will stop making excuses and start pushing yourself to your fullest potential. Reaching for your goals by overcoming excuses can help you live life without limits.

Everyone has big dreams they want to achieve at a certain point in life. Make sure you reach yours by not making excuses.

Keep on SLAYin' until you can't SLAY no more!

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