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Mentoring others makes me feel full, satisfied, and happy. It’s truly an opportunity for me to impart my wisdom, learn something new, and be inspired by my mentees to do better than I did the day before!

“The 30-Day SLAY To Success course showed me the importance of establishing a goal that isn't necessarily tangible and reaching that goal through everyday actions. The goal I am referring to is something other than losing weight, eating healthier, and being more present physically for those who are counting on you.. while all of those are important, with the tools I learned through this course, I reached a goal deeper than that, that meant more to me personally. Being someone who has ALWAYS put everyone before myself, I learned and applied techniques to stick with my goal, which was showing up for myself, standing up for myself, and putting myself first, using my "me" mantra that I established here in this course. I had to make the tough decision to let go of friendships that I held very dear to my heart but weren't feeding me, rather exhausting me over time. This course taught me that sometimes it is okay for me to be selfish, so long as it helps me grow for myself and my peers/subordinates instead of hindering growth in connections with co-workers. I've accomplished the successful use of teamwork with my office (which wasn't the best when I got here) and communication. I showed my office how important it is to empower each other and support each other, but to also have those difficult conversations when needed through my words, but most importantly, through my actions. I can second what Latisha said about the accomplishment from this course was finding me. I think it is safe to say that I was able to find myself by slowing down, putting myself first, and taking care of myself."---Tiffany Cook, USAF Technical Sergeant

Keep on SLAYin' until you can't SLAY no more!

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Rochelle "SLAY Queen" Hemingway

CEO, SLAY To Success Speaker | Self-Published Author | Mentor | USAF Veteran

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