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Updated: Jan 20

I spend a lot of time talking with women about the changes they want to see in their lives and about the person that they’re trying to become one day.

One of the common phrases that come up in these conversations is “someday this or someday that.” Let’s be honest, someday is really NO day at all.

I believe that if anyone wants positive change in their life they have to change, because if there is NO change then there’s NO change…change requires you to take a leap of faith no matter how big or small it may be.

A few months after I retired from the military, me and my family took a leap of faith and moved to a state where we never lived before and we had no idea what was going to happen to us.

Over the past year, my life has SIGNIFICANTLY changed. I started my healing and self-discovery journey, started my own business (aka SLAY To Success), self-published my first book about my military career and the #SLAY philosophy, spoke on many podcasts and virtual platforms, invited to be a keynote speaker at a few in-person events, hired as a contracted facilitator for the Small Business Consulting Corporation, selected as a chairperson for Waldorf University’s outreach advisory committee, enrolled in my master's

degree program, met many new people at networking events, attended several military retirements, went to all of my son’s school events and basketball games, reconnected with family in the DMV area, and flew to Indiana several times to support my mom after my dad passed away.

Taking a leap of faith is not easy, but when you do, you’ll see that you’re more capable than you think of seeing your dreams and desires become a reality🌟

Have you taken a leap of faith recently?

Keep on SLAYin’ until you can’t SLAY no more🔥


Rochelle “SLAY Queen” Hemingway

CEO, SLAY To Success

Speaker | Author | Coach I USAF Veteran