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Practice What You Preach

Updated: Jan 18

There is nothing better than helping someone transform from “thinking” they can do it…to “knowing” that they can! It’s incredible! I was able to see this firsthand many times during my military career.

This brings me to my guilty confession…I am at the same intersection of “thinking” and “knowing” that I have helped so many of my Airmen successfully navigate, and it’s much easier being the mentor than it is the mentee.

I’m guilty of being distracted by ALL the ideas I have in regard to my new business…I want to coach more women, do social media lives, organize networking events, create workbooks, work on crafts, etc., etc., etc. It’s easy for me to jump from one project to the next, without any regard for time.

If someone would come to me and ask what they should do if they were in my predicament, I would tell them to lay out a strategic, step-by-step action plan with proven techniques that generate results…Set the goal, make a plan, work on the plan, and achieve the goal.

This is exactly what I have finally done, but why did it take so long for me to take my own advice?

This is the $100,000 question. We all have limitations and insecurities. We can be a bad azz SLAY King or Queen and filled with confidence in one area…and simultaneously filled with anxiety and self-doubt in another area.

As I’m relearning this again (yes, again), it’s time for me to treat myself like a mentee. My approach clearly worked for so many Airmen that I mentor, so why shouldn’t it also work for me? It’s time for me to “practice what I preach”.

What do you do for others that you have a hard time doing for yourself?

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