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Queens, do YOU know who YOU ARE? (let's get a little bit deeper) I’m talking without your title, without your rank, without being someone’s wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or student. Do YOU know who you are? Like many of you, I joined the military at the young age of 19. I had zero clue who I really was OR what I signed up for. From day one at boot camp, first names are gone, rank is given, uniforms are worn, standards are high, and grooming standards and conduct are significantly regulated and enforced. I was conformed and programmed to essentially win wars for 30 years. Somehow along the way, I was going along to get along and lost myself, because I just did what people told me to do and started thinking like people wanted me to think. Y'all, I was a “crowd-pleaser.” It was so much easier to follow along and tell people what they wanted to hear. So, I thought… I felt immense pressure to please everyone when I joined the military. I was SO scared to speak up, to be pointed out, or to do anything that would disappoint any of my supervisors…I jumped through every hoop and wore all the right masks, but it seemed all my efforts still weren’t good enough. It’s easy to just fit in and blend in and hide our superpowers. But the more I forced myself into “fitting in”, the more I started shutting down and drifting from the things that bought me joy. I got sick and tired of bending backward for everyone and putting myself last. I realized I was conforming to everyone else's ideas and opinions of me and I was slowly silencing my voice. I didn’t like how it was making me feel and what I was becoming, so I started my personal journey to change MY view of who I am. I began to share my opinions, my preferences, my ideas, and the deeper parts of me because I FINALLY discovered who I am and that “I MATTERED.” YOU matter too! It takes bravery to show up in your own skin. You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be YOU. You are MUCH MORE than a label, a working title, a rank, or relationship status. YOU ARE A POWERFUL WOMAN, and it is time to identify your truest identity to reclaim your power. It’s time for you to use all those experiences that once held you back and use them as a foundation for your legacy. Let me show you how to identify your identity so you can start showing up authentically to SLAY your life!

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