"SLAY" To Success is not a traditional business ON PURPOSE...it's a MISSION, MINISTRY, and MOVEMENT

The MISSION is to shift YOUR mindset to build the next-level YOU!

The MINISTRY is to give YOU off-the-chart confidence and ignite YOUR inner motivation!

The MOVEMENT is to unleash YOUR personal power to fulfill YOUR hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations, to join forces with powerful women, and to help others to reach their FULL potential!

Rochelle "SLAY Queen" Hemingway is the CEO and Founder of SLAY To Success, LLC.  Rochelle is using her self-discipline and bold leadership skills to help empower others to face their fears and insecurities by using basic life and leadership philosophies, aka, "SLAY"; Stay Ready To Be Ready, Lead Out Loud, A Sense Of Family, and You Are Built To Last, without sacrificing health, relationships, career opportunities, or happiness based on her 30-year military career experiences in the United States Air Force.

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During my military career, I struggled to take care of my physical and mental health, sustain relationships, step up to career opportunities and was not truly happy with how my life was going.  I didn't always have the RIGHT mentors or the RIGHT leaders that I could look up to.  More importantly, I didn't have the RIGHT mindset.  Shortly after I became a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, I decided to show up for myself first, before showing up for everyone else.  I started to see immediate results. My blood pressure went down to normal levels, I started speaking up and voicing what I needed, I began to mindfully and deliberately design the life I wanted, and I found joy and purpose on and off work. Sharing my military experiences plus the life and leadership philosophies that resonate with me the most through speaking, coaching, and writing so that women and girls can break new ground and TRANSFORM their lives is my WHY!


You are my Oprah.  You're a mentor to me and you don't even know me!   Thank you for letting your light shine bright and encouraging, growing and mentoring those around you!  I'm so ready to SLAY!!

Leslie Lyles

Your energy, your authenticity and you being unapologetically you was so refreshing for me to see.  I appreciate the realness, candidness and rawness in your responses and messaging!  I'm very much appreciate you as a leader and I'm thankful you are using your platform to promote change!  Continue to be you...you inspire me!

Latisha Bright

You're such an inspiration!  Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and motivating us all to SLAY!!!

Yolanda Pabon

Thank you for being the leader to follow. You showed me how to be a leader.  I'm thankful for the many lessons I learned from you, just by the example you set, because it's helped me in my life.  I'm forever grateful for you.

Leah Cude

"SLAY" To Success adds value to women empowerment and military-affiliated conferences, workshops, seminars, events, social platforms, and coaching sessions.  Rochelle (affectionately called the "SLAY Queen") believes that ALL women can be and do whatever they desire by having a positive mental attitude, nurturing the right relationships, and focusing on tried and true life and leadership philosophies.  

"SLAY" To Success has an exclusive woman Facebook group of powerful women who are killing it, dominating it, and nailing it in their personal and professional lives.  This group is for any woman who values love, respect, passion, inspiration, and community. 

Join this FREE, INVITE-ONLY group by sending a friend request to https://www.facebook.com/rochelle.hemingway.7

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"SLAY" Quotes

"See Yourself At The Pinnacle Of Success


Keep SLAYing Until You Get There"

"SLAYing To Success Requires Consistency, Discipline, Boldness, Grit, And Determination."

"Unplanned Events And Situations Are Part Of The Journey.  Adjust and Keep SLAYing."

"It Doesn't Matter How Long You Go, As Long As You Keep SLAYing."

"Once You SLAY One Fear, You'll Conquer Many Fears!"