Empowering Women Military Leaders To Break Their Glass Ceiling!

Rochelle aka "SLAY Queen" Hemingway is the CEO and Founder of #SLAY TO SUCCE$$, LLC, a transformational speaker and executive coaching business working with women military leaders, who are currently serving, facing retirement, or are retired (specializing in services to women of color), that are struggling with their identity and limiting beliefs.  Rochelle works with women in a group setting and she works with women one-on-one taking a deep dive into their fears and insecurities to empower them to successfully SLAY their lives!

This DYNAMIC 30-year Air Force Retired Command Chief Master Sergeant coaches military women leaders on the "unconventional and unwritten rules" to not only withstand the greater pressures that truly exist in the higher leadership roles but also how to show up as the best versions of themselves!


Audience Testimonials

What Audiences Have to Say

Rochelle Hemingway has given a variety of talks and presentations to crowds from all walks of life, each time leaving an inspirational message and lasting impact. Check out what past participants have to say.


You are my Oprah.  You're a mentor to me and you don't even know me!   Thank you for letting your light shine bright and encouraging, growing and mentoring those around you!  I'm so ready to SLAY!!

Leslie Lyles

Your energy, your authenticity and you being unapologetically you was so refreshing for me to see.  I appreciate the realness, candidness and rawness in your responses and messaging!  I'm very much appreciate you as a leader and I'm thankful you are using your platform to promote change!  Continue to be you...you inspire me!

Latisha Bright

You're such an inspiration!  Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and motivating us all to SLAY!!!

Yolanda Pabon

Attend a speaking session or a coaching session and find out firsthand why #SLAY TO SUCCE$$, LLC is the BEST in the business.  Rochelle Hemingway is available to coach and speak in person, on virtual platforms, and on PODCASTs.  She has been featured in and on the front covers of Black Hills Women and Black Hills Lifestyle Magazines, Keynote speaker at Black Hills Energy Women's Symposium, Black Hills Leadership Development Virtual Event, Air Force Global Strike Women Symposium, Success Women's Nation Woman on Fire Virtual Conference, Women Who Lead Connect Leadership Summit; Back Channel, the Lion's Den with Seth and Rose International Group, Dimensions of Succes, First Class Life PODCASTs and a plethora of events and engagements.  Rochelle shares mini transformational and dynamic messages on her PODCAST named "THE #SLAY TO SUCCE$$ SHOW" located on the Anchor and Spotify platforms.






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