The Full Story

Rochelle is an ordinary woman who has been able to do "EXTRA" ordinary things!  She was raised in Indiana and attended one year of college at the Indiana University of Kokomo, Indiana.  On a "whim" she decided to join the United States Air Force and what turned out to be a 4-year contract, ended up in a 30-year career.  Rochelle had many opportunities to serve and lead at many locations in the United States and overseas.  Ultimately, she served as a Command Chief Master Sergeant before she retired in  September 2021. 

A few days before she departed on her last deployment while serving in the United States Air Force, one of her medical technicians tragically committed suicide.  He absolutely loved the singer Beyonce and he loved the word SLAY.  In Beyonce's "Formation" song,  she repeatedly says I SLAY, WE SLAY.  According to the urban dictionary, SLAY means to KILL IT, to DOMINATE IT, and to NAIL IT!  Paying homage to his life, Rochelle started to include the word at the end of all her emails and speaking engagements and she immediately noticed there was a positive shift of motivation, cohesiveness, and production in the organizations. 

#SLAY TO SUCCE$$, LLC is known for transforming the lives of people without sacrificing health, career, relationship, or happiness. 

At various times in her military career, she neglected to take of herself, stayed stagnant in promotion, did everything on her own, and felt unmotivated and unfulfilled.  Over time, she realized she needed to shift her mindset and her actions if she wanted things to change.  And when she did, she created the career she desired and deserved.  Rochelle decided to make her health a priority, she worked hard in her gifts and talents, sought mentorship, and discovered joy in her purpose.

As she was climbing up the promotion ladder, she noticed there was an underrepresentation of women in executive leadership roles.  She also encountered many unique challenges and learned how to overcome and push through numerous amounts of barriers.  There are many benefits of women in leadership positions to include, women can help close the gender pay gap, help drive effective solutions, support better financial outcomes, and can negotiate in high stake situations. Rochelle specializes in elevating the visibility, empowerment, and advancement of today's professional women by coaching and speaking to the #SLAY strategic approach needed to achieve the fullest and highest potential in their personal and professional lives.

Rochelle "SLAY Queen" Hemingway is a wife, mother, health and fitness enthusiast, and group facilitator who has combined her gift of authentic and proven leadership skills, Health Sciences, and Human Resource degrees plus over 30 years of diverse work experience to create the life she loves.  She enjoys working out, shopping, traveling, watching criminal investigative shows, and spending time with family and friends.

The "S" stands for Stay Ready to Be Ready, the "L" stands for Lead Out Loud, the "A" stands for A Sense of Family, and the "Y" stands for You Are Built to Last!

Rochelle offers speaking, private, and executive group coaching services.