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From Military Service to Entrepreneurial Success

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Throughout my 30-year military career and my journey as an entrepreneur, I adhere to a set of principles that guide my progression and success. These principles revolve around a focus on performance excellence, building a positive image, seeking visibility, and nurturing a strong network. They serve as the pillars upon which I build my professional life.

Focus on Performance Excellence:

My journey began as a young recruit in the military, where I learned the importance of discipline, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. These early lessons ingrained in me the value of going the extra mile. Throughout my military career, I continually sought opportunities for professional development. I engaged in specialized training, pursued advanced degrees, and acquired the necessary skills to excel in my role. This unwavering focus on performance excellence not only earned me promotions but also the respect of my colleagues and superiors.

Build a Positive Image:

As I climbed the ranks, I realized that building a positive image is crucial not only for personal growth but also for inspiring confidence in those around me. I cultivated a professional image by consistently demonstrating my expertise. I took on leadership roles, mentored junior officers, and maintained a strong work ethic, setting an example for my peers. Seeking feedback from superiors and peers allowed me to continuously improve and refine my image. Constructive criticism became a powerful tool for self-improvement, helping me grow both personally and professionally.

Seek Visibility:

Transitioning into the entrepreneurial world, I understand that a positive image is not enough to succeed in a competitive business environment. I actively seek visibility by seizing opportunities to showcase my talents and skills. I volunteer for challenging projects and collaborations, which helps me prove my capabilities to potential clients and partners. Additionally, I actively participate in industry events and conferences, sharing my insights and expertise. These actions not only expand my reach but also position me as a respected figure in my field.

Nurture a Strong Network:

Recognizing the importance of networking, I invest time and effort into developing and maintaining meaningful connections. My military career has already introduced me to a diverse group of colleagues, mentors, and industry professionals. I strategically nurture these relationships, seeking guidance from experienced mentors and collaborating with influential colleagues to broaden my horizons. My network, both in the military and the business world, provides me with valuable insights, support, and opportunities. It is through these connections that I identified my entrepreneurial path and received the initial support to launch my venture.

Over the years, these four principles become the foundation for my success. As I transitioned from the military to entrepreneurship, I realized that the skills and mindset cultivated during my military service are not only transferable but also invaluable in my new venture.

With a focus on performance excellence, a positive image, visibility, and a strong network, I embark on a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey, leveraging my skills and experiences to build a thriving business.

Keep on SLAYin' until you can't SLAY no more!


I'm Rochelle Hemingway, affectionately known as the "SLAY Queen." I have 30

years of experience serving and leading in the United States Air Force. I support women who have recently arrived in a position of leadership, who are on the precipice of leadership, or who are facing an inflection point in their careers or in their lives to step up and into their next big role, goal, dream, or aspiration with 10X confidence without sacrificing health, relationships, opportunities, or happiness.

I am the founder and CEO of SLAY To Success. I was born in England (due to my dad serving in the United States Air Force) & spent five years in Kokomo, Indiana before joining the United States Air Force. I currently reside in Maryland and I've been in business for almost one year. I'm a keynote speaker, author of the book titled "SLAY To Success, and a professional mentor

My goal is to empower women of all backgrounds by fostering their personal and professional growth, advocating for their rights, and creating inclusive opportunities for them to thrive.

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